Designed by an Airman for Airmen  

- Automatically calculates your PFT score 

- Easily share your score with your friends and family 

- Save your scores and swiftly sort through them

- Use the reminder feature to begin training for the PFT and to schedule your PFT.  


Things should be easier, it is that simple.  Apps help us in that regard.  I love the saying, "there ought to be an App for that!"  It pretty much sums up my philosophy when it comes to smart phones, computers, iPads and the like...these devices make our lives so much simpler.  This App is designed to do that too.  Enjoy.


If you have questions or have discovered issues while using this App please contact me via the contact page.  Your email address will not be used except to reply to your email.  Once I've replied to your email your email and email address will be deleted from my email account.   Thanks.